Who We Are

Do you think that gaining a career as cabin crew is out of your reach? We are here to guide you!

The Cabin Crew Training Academy offers Flight Attendant training courses including; cabin safety, crew procedures, firefighting, land and water survival, aviation medicine, aircraft practicals, and more through our virtual online courses. Due to Covid restrictions we are currently unable to access the aircraft simulators but will offer the aircraft practical module after course completion for those who wish to take up this option at a later date.

Our instructors are CASA certified crew trainers for leading airlines. We have many years of experience in the aviation industry having worked with many airlines across the globe.

If you want to be ahead of the rest when you go for your airline interviews, achieve top of your class when you start your cabin crew training or perhaps you just want to find out whether a career in aviation is for you take a look at our courses.

Flight Attendant Training

What We Do

If a career as cabin crew is your goal, our courses will provide you with the best opportunity to be ahead of the rest with everything from your interviews through to cabin crew training school. You will gain a solid knowledge of the training topics and we will guide you through everything that will be expected from you. Our training provides the most up to date information and the opportunity for you to chat to instructors who work in the industry. We not only train you in what you need to know, we can answer all your aviation questions which will help you secure the flying career you want. We don’t promise to get you an interview or a job but we can provide you with the specific cabin crew knowledge to make your journey much easier with informed decisions.

Our short courses deliver detailed information about what is involved in being cabin crew. Each module is based on what airlines currently teach in their cabin crew courses.

If you want to know whether flying as cabin crew is the career for you then our courses will show you exactly what to expect.

Our Course

Flight Attendant Courses Bronze

Cabin Crew Preparation

Crew Procedures

  • Cost $440
  • Modules 1-12
  • Virtual Online Course
    Duration 8 sessions 2.5 hours each

Flight Cabin Crew

When are our courses

We run our courses at various times depending on demand. Currently courses are scheduled online and if you wish to enquire about our dates, please email us for further information. We often run free introduction workshops where you can join online and ask questions about our courses and the airline industry. There is no obligation to enrol after you have attended an information session. If you would like to know when our next information sessions are please email us.

Remember that our courses are designed to help you understand what a flight attendant does but also to be ahead of the rest when you secure that life long dream job of being cabin crew.

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Special Needs

Please advise us of any special needs requirements and we will work with you to ensure that they are met

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